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ISO Board/ System Control Board

DQS Center Having more than 15 years of experience in consulting and training ISO for many customers, we realize the concerns about resources and the quality of ISO staff that businesses are facing. Therefore, the idea of a solution for hiring personnel for the ISO / Control Board was born and developed by DQS Center. Up to now, the service has been trusted by many big customers, bringing many practical benefits by reducing work pressure for internal part-time employees and doing a good job in managing and maintaining the ISO system.

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Enterprise’s concerns about ISO board personnel

International standards in general and ISO standards in particular are a solid foundation for businesses to build a position in the market. However, just because it is not possible to find a human resource solution, many units have to delay the implementation of these standards. Besides, there are also businesses that have applied ISO, but instead of reaping the results, they have to face many risks and losses due to the inefficient operation of the internal ISO Board, lack of expertise, or barriers. hindered by the relationship of “people in the same house”.

Solutions for personnel problems ISO Board

It is the understanding and desire to be a companion on the path of business success that has prompted DQS Center to develop the ISO board rental service, in order to thoroughly solve the problems of internal ISO personnel, contributes to standardizing systems and processes, building brand image and affirming prestige in the market.

Why should businesses choose ISO board rental service from DQS Center?

  • Maximize your budget: The monthly rental cost is only 1/3 of the cost of operating an independent ISO Board. 
  • Optimize control efficiency: Experts from DQS Center have solid expertise and extensive experience. Provide assessment, sharp analysis, risk forecast, and advice on consolidating solutions.
  • Accurate assessment, and process transparency: The element of “people in the same house” is removed, all business processes are guaranteed by DQS Center. As a result, the practical effectiveness of ISO standards is ensured. Always have the capacity to pass the monitoring and re-evaluation from partners and customers.
  • Building a solid foundation for your business: Build prestige, enhance brand performance, expand the market and increase revenue in a sustainable way.



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